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Case Studies

Real-world examples of our success


Scaling Global Sales Talent

A global payments provider was observing high failure rates among its sales division managers and was struggling to identify the ideal profile for this key leadership role. It also lacked a system for continuous management improvement. They engaged with SBI to perform a 360-degree talent assessments across all global divisions.  The results of the work lead to a 12.1% CAGR in 2 years. 

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manager confidence

Driving Growth with Sales Coaching

As the result of high organic and inorganic growth, a workforce management company added a leadership layer to its large sales force, but many were new to being managers. Higher-than-normal employee turnover signaled that something needed to be done. SBI developed a scaleable and repeatable set of coaching training and educational materials that included hands-on training to build those muscles. 100% of managers reported feeling very confident in their ability to coach following the training.

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customer attrition

GTM Overhaul to Drive Growth

A kitchen automation services company's  sales and marketing teams were not generating sufficient lead volume to drive growth across the 3 key products. This led to the company missing its number 5 years in a row leading to a tens of millions gross margins loss. It engaged with SBI to develop a more methodical approach to customer segmentation, coverage model, and GTM execution and activation. The client saw a 20% reduction in customer attrition and a 23% increase in matching coverage opportunity following the new approach. 

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Unified GTM Strategy to Growth

Extensive M&A activity led to a disjointed go-to-market model with the inefficient deployment of resources and executive-level turnover generated organizational misalignment. With SBI, the client made critical changes to the GTM model that aligned the organization on a singular segmentation and coverage model to deploy sales and marketing efforts in accounts with the highest potential and propensity to buy. The project identified $169M in upsell potential within the existing customer base and $2.3B in whitespace of prospect accounts in CRM.

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new bookings

Farmers Asked to be Hunters

New logo acquisition had missed targets by as much as 30%, and most sellers had farming tendencies. Quota setting was not driving the desired outcomes. SBI identified five areas for improvement: account segmentation, organization design and coverage, partner strategy, revenue marketing, and sales management and coaching. These areas represented $14.4 to 23.8M in new logo bookings potential uplift. They also implemented a hunger/farmer motion aligned with the client's top sales objectives. 

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Expanding Enterprise Value

A PE-owned technology and professional services client was a rollup of three companies each bringing significantly different business models, business strategies, and GTM approaches. With 80% of the growth opportunity within the existing customer base, the current operating model posed a serious risk to growth. Through company interviews, company documentation, and market research, SBI developed six recommendations to drive the go-forward model. These included strategic account management, specialty sales, integrated sales, mid-market team, centralized commercial operations, and a revenue growth office. $1.4B in upsell potential was identified within the existing customer base.

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